Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chicago Street Art Part 3

As I take my train ride down to the loop every day, the one thing that makes the train ride truly enjoyable is watching the beautiful art show out the window. Art museums are cool and all but personally, I find street art to be much more interesting. In an attempt to preserve some of the art before our tax dollars are used on removing it or covering it with some extremely plain beige color, here are some photos.

Sick spot, sick colors, sick piece. Nuff' said.

APEKS Chicago Graffiti

This dude is insane, one of my favorite writers hands down. It's almost impossible to take a ride on the CTA and not see EDEM sprayed on something, written on something, or carved into something. He is everywhere.

EDEM Chicago Graffiti

EDEM piece got buffed but you get the idea.

EDEM ANKR Chicago Graffiti

These are simply awesome.

Chicago Graffiti Duck

Chicago Graffiti Duck

MOEN is everywhere, Iv'e seen MOEN's tags and throw ups around all different parts of the city, this dude gets around.

MOEN Chicago Graffiti

This sweet piece just popped up a few days ago, by MUSH/MUSHY/MUSHROOM/whatever else he writes. The colors pop in these pieces, love it.

BSC MUSH Chicago Graffiti

It's almost hard to walk around Chicago without seeing at least one of these. I totally dig the message, and the fact that you rarely see FORGIVE on a wall and pretty much always on a sidewalk definitely makes for a unique style.

FORGIVE Chicago Graffiti


XPERTONE Chicago Graffiti


  1. There's some ducks at the construction site of the old burned down Roy's furniture place..on a concrete border.. see it everyday on the way to downtown on the Redline...I know it will be gone soon. :(

  2. Yeah those are sweet, i assume you mean these ones...